Product features

  • This signal amplifier works with all satellite systems in the market
  • This is a high quality online amplifier with up to 20dB gain. This amplifier is passive DC (DC 13-18 V). For the long cable satellite and the improvement of satellite signal strength. There is no need for a separate power supply.
  • Perfect for all satellite applications.

Product Description

This signal amplifier works with all satellite systems in the market
This is a high quality online amplifier with up to 20dB gain. This amplifier is passive DC (DC 13-18 V). For the long cable satellite and the improvement of satellite signal strength. There is no need for a separate power supply.
Perfect for all satellite applications.

Please do not use the product if the signal strength is up to 70%.
You can use the product when the signal is weak, but stable. If it is not constant, that will affect the result.
Connect it in the correct way
The amplifier is not omnipotent, it only works for weak signals
There is No effect of the installation of the amplifier, or The effect is worse (If the weak signal is held by line conductor, cable interface, TV interface or other reasons.) 

Package content:
1 x signal

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